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"Kvinnojouren Duvan" is an organisation working for women, who have been or are threatened, assaulted, abused, harrassed, raped or vicitim of violence by your husband, partner, boyfriend, father, brother or some other person.


We work voluntary to help women and their children who have been victim of violence.


You are welcome to contact us

We can just talk about your situation and your relationship and we can give you advice. If you need, we can offer you and your children a womens shelter where you can stay for a while. We can help you with contacts with the police, lawyers, hospital and social services if you want.


You can be anonymous when you contact us. No one is registered and we don´t keep records of our conversation.


If you need urgent help always call SOS 112.


Contact us: Telephone 0520- 39870 monday-thuesday 18.00-21.00.

You can call the same number during daytime monday-friday 8.00-16.00 professional personnel from the community will answer and can help you as well. You can still talk anonymous with the staff and nothing will be registrated.

During nights and weekends you can get in contact with us, for exampel if you need to get to the womens shelter, by contacting the Police; if urgent dial 112 if not urgent dial 114 14.

You can also contact us by e-mail: kvinnojouren.duvan@hotmail.com









Importent telephone no:

Always call SOS 112 if you need help urgent!

Kvinnojouren Duvan:

0520- 398 70

Police: 114 14

Terrafem: 020-521010 (telephone helpline in different languages)



Kvinnojouren Duvan

Box 129

461 23 Trollhättan

Jourtelefon: 0520-398 70

e-post: kvinnojouren.duvan@hotmail.com